Friday, September 07, 2007
Black Hole and a twist of life

Dam@!! Cant think of any topic to write now, I end up just reading and reading my friends blog, im jealous with them they always have updates and their entry is really breath taking when you read it. To sum it up im on this stage that I called "black hole" and I dont even know why I name it that way :(

My bloggie will be on its 3rd year aniv this coming Sept 13.  Though my entry is always a junk, im happy because this blog serve as a mirror of my life, I can write anything and even express the deepest thought from my soul.

When I do a reality check in my life, all I can say is I should be thankful! There are so many good things that happens and blessing keeps on pouring. Having healthy life + peacefull family + happy relationship with someone you love + good friends + balance work. I think I cant even demand for more.


Posted at 02:59 am by kaizen

September 15, 2007   03:23 PM PDT
just think of any experience. makakaisip ka rin ng topic to write on. check my blog and see my latest entry. kakaiba. :) based on experience.
September 7, 2007   12:54 PM PDT
Ay naku sinabi mo pa angelopaolo. Kaasiman to the max!!!

Peace tayo ssiterhood Mwah!!!
September 7, 2007   09:24 AM PDT

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